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Here are a few testimonials:

Rocky Mountain Restoration responded immediately to our call for mold and water damage to our office building in Lakewood. They worked diligently to complete the job to our total satisfaction. The project was completed in a timely fashion for a very reasonable cost.  Professionalism at it’s best! –  Adrienne

“Rocky Mountain Restoration (RMR) was great to work with and didn’t cut any corners. We hired RMR to mitigate a severe mold issue that was discovered in a 5,000 sqft home we were purchasing to renovate. They were extremely thorough, which mattered because we were bringing our family into this home with a small child. RMR tore out all the molded areas, replaced them with antimicrobial carpet pads, heavily layered the new wood structures with antimicrobial paint and replaced all of the drywall. Cleaning every surface in the house, the ventilation system, the carpets (which were partly salvageable), walls, wood floors, wood blinds, light fixtures, draperies, etc. Most significantly, they found and fixed the sources that caused and fed the mold! The detail of the finishing work RMR did matched perfectly, from wall texturizing to baseboards, paint and wood floor finishes. When the house was retested for mold after their work was complete the labs were excellent, better than if we had built a brand new home!” -S. Michaels

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