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ViroDecon by Rocky Mountain Restoration Inc. is an applied microbial remediation service. We are different than a “cleaning service” we are actually licensed and certified to fully decontaminate buildings and vehicles of pathogens like COVID-19 and remediate toxic mold in buildings that have had water damage.

Cleaning vs. decontamination – your cleaning services provider should be disinfecting high-touch surfaces daily, which is about 5% of surface area. Our service to disinfect all surfaces: ceiling to floor to air. 

Rocky Mountain Restoration’s ViroDecon service is ANSI/IICRC certified

IICRC CERTIFICATIONS: S520 and S500 – Applied Microbial Technician Dobri Dobrev

11 years of experience:

We specialize in virus, mold and bacterial (pathogen) decontamination in commercial and residential spaces along the Front Range of Colorado. RMR has been dealing with toxic environments for over 11 years. ViroDecon is a division which uses equipment similar to our mold remediation operation however we also employ other tools such as high powered UVC lamps in areas where fogging/spraying services cannot go. More About Rocky Mountain Restoration LLC >


What we do:

Fogging Disinfection Service: Help your customers and employees feel at ease, combine daily wipe downs by your cleaning service with our periodic full room/building fogging service. People also call this type of treatment “germ fogging” and “chemical fogging”

Whole building fogging services >

Schools and daycare centers: we fog schools with bio-friendly solutions that kill viruses and bacteria on almost ALL surfaces. Wiping down hard surfaces alone is not adequate.
Medical offices: we disinfect ALL surfaces and have methods to deal with sensitive equipment in your facility.
Workplace and hospitality decontamination:  Get your business back on track and let your customers know through our certifications.
Vehicle and Supply Chain: we disinfect trucks, rental car fleets, warehouses, and pallets of goods.