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Colorado’s Largest Mobile UVC Disinfection Service

UVC is not the fastest method of disinfection however it is the best method for certain industrial settings where wet decontamination is not an option. ViroDecon’s unique mobile UVC system is the largest in the Front Range with the ability to disinfect 80 square meters of surface per hour.

The system has been applied at locations in the Denver area in combination with other processes that result in total exposed surface area disinfection for pathogen remediation.

Our high powered lamps will damage the DNA and RNA of virus and bacteria without soaking your property in wet solutions. If you have industrial instrumentation or vital documents please contact us about our UVC option. Lamp use is possible in both Level 2 and Level 3 decontamination services.

UVC lamps are used widely on assembly lines and hospitals for disinfection of products or patient waiting rooms. Purchasing lamps for this purpose is very expensive and makes sense for places that need regular use of the technology. We specialize in one-time treatment after a known pathogen exposure.


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