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CDC Recommendations for Facilities with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19

If you suspect you have had a COVID-19 infected person in your building:

  1. The CDC recommends you close the area and do not let anyone else into the area for 24 hours.
  2. It may be common sense, but do not send in your janitor or cleaning person to clean the area, they are not trained and you are putting them and their family members in danger.  Call a IICRC certified tech to disinfect the area properly, this would be an established biohazard, mold remediation company. They are familiar with OSHA, EPA and CDC recommendations and regulations. Janitorial services are not qualified in infectious particle decontamination.
  3. If you want to disinfect the area yourself and accept the risk, the CDC has issued guidelines here:

If you have hired ViroDecon to decontaminate your space you will be issued a certification of completion of service which you may present to your insurance company if they cover this. We have worked with insurance companies for years.

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