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School, Preschool and Daycare COVID-19 Disinfection

Take advantage of savings on full-building disinfection during the back to school season. We already have one school disinfection lined up a month ahead, book yours before it gets too busy or the discount period ends.

SPECIAL: $0.08 per square foot plus additional discounts available for large spaces. Valid this August and September 2020

Dobri on last week’s fogging job. Over 40,000 square feet covered.

Full-building Fogging:

Unlike tedious and slow wipe-down services, our fogging technology can cover a large building in a fraction of the time. Powerful solutions will kill almost any virus or bacteria on contact with the vapor. Fogging is already used in medical settings and now has been applied to commercial and educational buildings during the COVID crisis.  We still recommend your local janitorial service for daily wipe downs of high-touch surfaces like door handles, table and desk tops, rails, etc. Janitorial services will however miss 90% of surfaces, and fogging or spraying is the only efficient method to cover the full area.

Post COVID-19 Exposure Disinfection:

After a student, employee or customer exposure in your space, we recommend a Level 2 treatment which includes a combination of fogging for all surfaces followed by either wet spraying or UVC treatments to ensure a proper disinfection.

We operate in Boulder, Broomfield, Gilpin, Clear Creek and Denver counties. Our extended coverage includes Larimer and parts of Grand Counties.

Call us for a consultation: 303-999-8552