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Latest CDC Recommendations For Cleaning

Disinfecting and cleaning are not the same thing. Cleaning involves the use of soap to mechanically remove oils, dirt, bacteria, viruses and other particles. Disinfecting is the next step, it usually refers to applying a solution to a surface and letting it work for a certain amount of time to kill remaining bacteria or viruses like COVID-19.

The CDC has issued recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting your home:

If you feel your home or business has been exposed to a known case of COVID-19 do not expose cleaning staff to this, please call a IICRC certified contractor to completely disinfect all surfaces ceiling to floor using specialized equipment and solutions that will not cause damage to equipment or materials.

Level 2 service at ViroDecon involves wet decontamination procedures combined with some dry treatments.

In Denver and Boulder there are reputable companies that have experience and training in dealing with remediating infectious particles. These companies normally deal with biohazard or mold remediation, but now are tasked with decontamination.

Consider ViroDecon / Rocky Mountain Restoration in your quotes for proper decontamination. Tel: 303-999-8552 or email here.